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  • Head Office Hours: 09:00 to 17:00
  • Skilled Workforce


    Contract Staffing Services for those project that require
    skilled and experienced manpower ready to deploy.

  • Non-Tactical Vehicles

    Tactical & Non-Tactical
    Vehicle Rental Support

    We provide SUVs, Sedans, Vans and Trucks
    for short and long term rental agreements.

  • Design & Build Projects

    Design &
    Build Projects

    We deliver projects with a strong emphasis on Scheduling, Cost &
    Quality Control, while adding significant value to the Design Phase.

  • Infrastructure Maintenance


    Operations & Maintenance of Buildings, Assets and
    Infrastructure for Military and Commercial Camps.

  • Energy and Sustainability Projects

    Energy &
    Sustainability Projects

    Technical consultancy services and implementation services
    for Solar Power Plants and Solar Photovoltaic Systems.

  • Supply Chain and Warehouse Management

    Supply Chain &
    Warehouse Management

    Dedicated warehouse management services, including inventory
    management, warehouse staffing, in-house logistics and distribution.

  • Medical Support

    Support Services

    We provide Role 1 and Role 2 medical services and
    can rapidly mobilize to deploye medical teams at any location.

  • Skilled Workforce
  • Non-Tactical Vehicles
  • Design & Build Projects
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Energy and Sustainability Projects
  • Supply Chain and Warehouse Management
  • Medical Support

ITBM Worldwide

We are currently operating in Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa.

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Our Services

As a Program Management Company we operate in many industries and in many countries and will always accept new challenges at new locations to support our customers. The following are the key capabilities for which we have past performance records and have the technical capabilities to provide support.


Engineering &Construction

Engineering &

Engineering & Construction services for any project, of any size, at any location.

IT & Telecom  Services

IT & Telecom

We are capable of building and supporting complex IT & Telecom infrastructures.

Manpower & HR Services

Manpower &
HR Services

We can supply manpower to large programs, in post-war and war environments.

Facility & Camp  Management

Facility & Camp

We provide facility management service to civilian and military camp infrastructures.

Vehicle & Transport  Services

Vehicle & Transport

Tactical and Non-Tactical Vehicles Support for any civilian or military operation.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics &
Supply Chain

Logistical & Supply Chain Programs to support deliveries of food, water, fuel and general supplies.

Linguistics &  Intelligence

Linguistics &

We provide experienced linguists and intelligence officers to many military operations.

Health Care Services

Health Care

Medical Clinical Support for military and peacekeeping missions.

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