Linguistic Services

Our company Linguistic Division has been providing linguistic services to several local and international companies and organization in various countries. The services include translation and localization for software products, websites, publications, books and other advertising and marketing materials.

We are also able to organize and deploy a number of interpreters into different locations to support various customer missions both civilian and military into different locations in the world.

Topic Targeted Translators

Just as your original copy needs to be written by someone who understands the subject, the Translator must be able to understand it as well. For technology translations, we do not use generalists or "academic" translators. Instead we select Topic Targeted Translators which are selected for both their linguistic abilities and their experience/qualifications in technology fields, be it in medicine, engineering, electronics, ICT, software, GPS/GIS etc. If we do not have someone who we believe can do the job properly, we will decline the job. Translators who understand the subject work faster and produce better quality results which results in translations as good as the source text, whatever your business.

Multi-lingual projects

Need a set of 6 different documents in 15 languages but with slight variations between the source text for each language, all to be typeset? Or how about 150,000 words into 8 languages, comprising software strings, help files and other documentation, again, with differing source material for each language? Such projects are are typical of our everyday business translations at our company.

Quality Assurance

Translations are always edited and proofread by a second qualified and experienced translator, editor or industry professional to ensure accuracy, fluency and suitability to the target audience.

We employ carefully selected, appropriately qualified and highly experienced translators and reviewers. Our translators all have tertiary qualifications and, apart from being specialized in Translation and Applied Linguistics, they also have vast expertise in such areas as Mining, Engineering, Law, Finance, Health etc. This additional expertise is indispensable in order to ensure the translations we deliver are accurate in all respects (content, grammar, spelling, tone, style, register, format…).

Industry Expertise

The following is a list of industries for which we provide service:

Computing and Internet
Culture and Media
Finance and Commerce
Government and Administration
Health and Community Services
Immigration Insurance
Law and Legal
Manufacturing and Manuals
Marketing and Advertising
Personal documents
Retail and Wholesale
Tourism and Travel
Data Confidentiality
Each and every document or information that is received by our customer goes through a process that includes data protection and confidentiality processes. Our data is stored on secured systems that include a data backup plan for every scenario possible from theft to natural disasters.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Our company signs a non-disclosure agreement with every customer with whom we do business and in addition every employee that is assigned on a project signs an individual non-disclosure agreement as well.

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