Market Research

We provide a wide-ranging range of qualitative and quantitative ICT market research services. We tailor each and every project to suit the specific needs of our clients, offering services from traditional one-to-one and central location interviewing, to new online research methodologies.

Telephone interviews

This is the most cost effective solution for clients who would like information from a large sample size or from a number of geographical locations. This would be time intensive and prohibitively expensive using one-to-one interviews; however telephone interviews allow such projects to be carried out in a relatively short time and with the minimum outlay.


Undoubtedly, one-to-one interviewing can be the most thorough method of obtaining information from a market sector. A combination of intelligent questionnaire design and an experienced interviewer can provide a wealth of information or actionable data. One-to-one research is particularly well suited to providing feedback on various locations in the form of entrance or exit interviews – i.e. why a consumer decided to visit a particular venue, or their thoughts / level of satisfaction on leaving.

Postal Surveys

Postal surveys are more economical than face-to-face surveys and less intrusive than telephone surveys. They can be particularly useful when respondents need time to assess various products or consider their answers before completing a questionnaire. Similar to telephone interviews, postal surveys can be used where a large sample or number of locations are required.

On-line Surveys

Online surveys provide a fast, economical means of reaching a wide audience. This research method is particularly useful for projects where low penetration levels are an issue and traditional recruitment costs would be prohibitive. It can also provide a cost effective method for gauging consumer opinions of new concepts or packaging designs, where responses are required to visual stimuli.